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Edge of Dreams

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Edge of Dreams

Până la Kim Langford

Lungime: 456 pagini7 ore


In Edge of Dreams you will be drawn into a world where things are rarely what they seem to be.
When Kate arrives in Flanagan, a small community in New South Wales Australia, she hopes that the simplicities of rural life will bring her long awaited peace and renewal. Through a startling confrontation with the elusive Fidelé Scott, Kate finds herself in a friendship that defies convention and immerses her in the tragic story of the man himself and his beloved homeland Burkina Faso. And Fidelé soon realises that his new companion is emotionally fragile and might demand more of him than he can ever give. His stark solitude is now crowded with Kate’s troubled relationships and her insatiable curiosity. Their connection holds both promise and risk as they find themselves caught in the struggle for love, meaning and fulfilment.
Despite the hope of new beginnings, the horrors of Fidelé’s past are never far away, and his decision to trust Kate inadvertently opens the way for that past to close in as a new and terrifying reality. A storm hits Flanagan and unleashes with it the full force of everything Fidelé fears most and thought he had left behind in Burkina Faso. At the same time, Kate is gripped by a sense of approaching danger and in seeking to help Fidelé lands in the midst of that very danger. Kate and Fidelé must each find a way to salvage all they can from their fleeting and tumultuous friendship.

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