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Color the Masterpieces: Issue 1 - 36 Awesome Paintings

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Color the Masterpieces: Issue 1 - 36 Awesome Paintings

Până la Roy Kass

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Color the Masterpieces is the start of series of coloring books for people who love to color but who can’t, or don’t have the time to sketch. The pilot book, Issue 1, contains a general collection of 36 masterpieces. Thereafter, we will go artist by artist, covering as many as we can.
The book is structured in a way where the user can view the photo on a screen and print a hard copy of the sketch to color. First appears a photo of a painting then the sketch.
When it comes to coloring, people have their own preferences - some like paint, others may like pastels or chalk or other mediums. But whatever the medium, these coloring pages should provide hours of entertainment for people who love to color, irrespective of age.
The book could also be a nice learning experience. We have the opportunity to learn to recognize the some of the paintings, the techniques, the movements and the artists.
There are countless sketches to available to color, for example, landscapes, seascapes, people, animals, animations, birds, insects, fish and dozens of other subjects. But over and above these as artistic subjects, why shouldn’t we paint something extra-ordinary, the old masterpieces? Technology has now made it possible for us to see how we compare with the great artists.
Art has fascinated man for thousands of years. The first paintings were discovered in a cave roof and are estimated to be around forty thousand years old. To this day, the interest in art has not subsided – the major art galleries attract millions of visitors annually. Numerous artists work passionately at what is probably of the most absorbing of professions. Children too start their learning by drawing and coloring.
Coloring is a fantastic hobby. In this series of books, you will find some awesome sketches to color.

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