Touchdowns: The Drew Neilson Series (Book 1)

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Touchdowns: The Drew Neilson Series (Book 1)

Până la Neil Kokemuller

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Are you looking to be inspired? Do you love sports, romance, action and drama? If so, you will love Touchdowns, the first book in the Drew Neilson series.

Drew Neilson is a well-respected young man who has a lot going for him. He is at the top of his class in school, he is the star quarterback on his high school football team, he has a perfect girlfriend, a great best friend, and a loving, supportive family. When young boys in Yorktown speak of sports heroes, they speak of Drew Neilson, not Michael Jordan or Joe Montana.

Everything seems to be perfect, which can only mean one thing. As he and his family are driving home from church on a Sunday morning, they hear a story come on the radio. It's a report about an accident which has seriously injured Kim, Drew's girlfriend, and killed her parents. Drew's life is sent into a tailspin. His football team in on the verge of their first state championship, but how can they win without their motivational leader?

Drew must dig deep inside himself to come up with some answers-answers about questions that are hard to understand. Can an individual overcome his own emotional struggles to become a better person, and lead his team to victory? Find out, as you follow the life of Drew in this story with non-stop action, and heart-warming detail.

Note: This book was originally self-published in paperback in 1998. April 12, 2014 is its original digital publication date.

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