Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies

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Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies

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The easy way to start a career in medical billing and coding

With healthcare providers moving to electronic record systems,data accuracy and efficient data processing is more important thanever. Medical offices need professionally trained billers andcoders, either in the office or via telecommute, to handle recordsfor internal and external accessibility and efficiency.

Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies gives youeverything you need to know to get started in medical billing andcoding. It gives you practical, easy-to-follow coverage and adviceon how to find a course, educational topics you should review andpursue in order to stay competitive in the field, and the laws andother regulations you'll encounter in your work.

Certification requirements and standard industry practices Tips for dealing with government agencies and insurancecompanies Ethical and legal issues

If you're looking to start a career in the popular field ofmedical billing and coding, this hands-on, friendly guide has youcovered!

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