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Life Lingua

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"A Small town ordinary person, while struggling with mundane human life, is often left wondering about the complexities of life or about his/her own in-capacities to deal with the same. but we need to understand that nature has favored us all with more or less same capabilities and where she has not, she has bestowed special capabilities in some of us, we just need to discover the same. If we can read and understand "book of life" that nature has written for each of us, we can really live our life much more comfortably than we have all these days. But we cannot read this "Book of Life" unless we learn to decode and decipher the language and grammar of life" -Life Lingua
Life is like language. Language has a flow, it has rules, it has exceptions.... it has a grammar. Similarly life too has a grammar, the rules and exceptions that must exist to make it useful. Life Lingua is an attempt to make you understand that grammar. The book cites examples, anecdotes and short stories to help you understand and implement the rules of life in your daily routine and approach.

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