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The Spiritual Guide to the Meaning of Colours

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The Spiritual Guide to the Meaning of Colours

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Life = Light = Colour! Colour is energy in the form of light. This includes direct and reflected light. Colour is a vibration or frequency of light. Colour surrounds us. We use colour to represent specific meanings and emotions. The colours we choose to wear or place in our homes affect our moods and the messages we send to the world. Colour has been used throughout the centuries to represent holidays, status and self expression. Colours have physical impact on our emotions, psyches and bodies.
Colour affects humans in many ways. Everyone is familiar with which colours are soothing, stimulating or nauseating. Cool colours and hot colours are another way people are likely to describe colours. Cool colours would be shades of blues and greens, or pastel shades, whereas hot colours would be shades of reds and oranges, or neon colours. This eBook gives you knowledge as to which colours produce certain kinds of effects and can be useful information in healing or regenerating processes and can be used effectively in meditations and visualisation techniques.

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