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Fahrenheit 451: A Novel

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Fahrenheit 451: A Novel

Până la Ray Bradbury

Evaluare: 4.5 din 5 stele4.5/5 (1,102 stele)
Lungime: 301 pagini4 ore

Nota redactorului

On the screen…
You don’t have to read this sci-fi classic in secret. The tale of underground rebellion in a future where books are banned and burned is back in the spotlight thanks to HBO’s new adaptation starring Michael B. Jordan.


Ray Bradbury’s internationally acclaimed novel Fahrenheit 451 is considered to be a masterwork of 20th-century literature. It is set in a dark, dystopian future where the world has turned away from information, and turned on to mindless entertainment.

The story is about Guy Montag, a fireman, whose job isn’t to put out fires, but instead to start them. In Montag’s world, television rules, and governments are attempting to destroy what little remaining literature exists.

Montag, being a fireman, is tasked with the job of destroying these illegal commodities, printed books, as well as the houses in which they are hidden.

He never questions his work, nor does he bask in the destruction and ruin that his actions produce, it is simply a job. Every day after work he returns to his bland life to spend time with his wife, Mildred, and they watch television mindlessly.

Only after meeting an eccentric young neighbor, Clarisse, and being exposed to a past filled with history different than what Montag has been taught, only then does Montag start to question the world around him.

After a series of events, Montag is forced to question everything, and the books he once destroyed start to become a commodity he seeks and shelters.
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