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The Light Between Oceans: A Novel

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The Light Between Oceans: A Novel

Până la M.L. Stedman

Evaluare: 4.5 din 5 stele4.5/5 (745 stele)
Lungime: 409 pagini6 ore

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A mother’s love…
Moral codes, maternal instincts, and a young couple’s marriage are put to the test when a boat carrying a dead man, and a very alive baby girl, washes onto the shore of a remote Australian island.


The Light Between Oceans is the story about Tom Sherbourne, who after returning from four haunting years on the Western Front, becomes employed as a lighthouse keeper on an island called Janus Rock. This desolate, isolated island is a half-a-day’s trip from the shore where supply boats only come once a season. Tom brings his loving wife, Isabel, with him where they decide to start a family there. However, after two tragic miscarriages and a stillbirth, the grieving couple begins to lose all hope of ever being able to raise a family. After taking a brief stroll along the island, Isabel hears the cry of a baby on a windy evening. Upon investigating, Isabel found that a boat has washed up onshore, along with a dead man and a baby who is very much alive.

Tom, who struggles with his past and the horrors of war, wants to turn the baby in immediately. Keeping the baby goes against the staunch moral code that he had clung so hard to during the war, but Isabel insists that the baby is a “gift from God.” Against Tom’s advice, they claim the infant as their own and name her Lucy. Eventually, Tom, Isabel, and Lucy return to the mainland when she is two years old, and Tom and Isabel must learn to come to terms with the choice they made.
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