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Obamacare Simplified: A Clear Guide to Making Obamacare Work for You

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Obamacare Simplified: A Clear Guide to Making Obamacare Work for You

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ObamaCare is a complex law that will affect every single American.

Everyone has an opinion about ObamaCare, but few people actually understand how the Affordable Care Act works. ObamaCare Simplified navigates you through the intricacies of the health care law and explains what it means for you. Whether you are satisfied with your present insurance or seeking to get insured, ObamaCare Simplified informs you of your rights, presents the facts, and will help you make well-informed decisions when it comes to your health care plan.

ObamaCare Simplified provides an easy-to-follow guide to the Affordable Care Act and what you need to know, offering:

An overview of the goals and structure of ObamaCare, and how it changes the current health care system

A "how it works" section that explains the individual mandate, insurance exchanges, and ObamaCare funding

An ObamaCare timeline that provides a year-by-year breakdown of the law's implementation and what you need to know

Spotlights on "what ObamaCare means for you," which explore the different impact of the law on various groups, including: senior citizens, immigrants, small-business employers, employees, uninsured individuals, and more

Information on how ObamaCare affects individuals, depending on age, income, and employment status

Taking care of your health should be your most vital priority. ObamaCare Simplified is your complete guide to understanding how ObamaCare works and what it means for your health care.

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