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Understanding and Surviving Obamacare

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Understanding and Surviving Obamacare

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Finally, you have found the critical and necessary book that you've heard so much about, essential information on Surviving Obamacare. How can you, your company and family survive the new law, formally called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? As the overall public confusion intensifies regarding requirements imposed by the new law, steadily growing numbers of physicians, families and patients from around the world have asked Doctor Forsythe for his advice. Among the many issues covered: How can consumers benefit from state-operated insurance exchanges? How much will your personal monthly premiums increase or decrease? How much will the federal government help pay for your premiums, if at all? How can you qualify to enter Medicaid without paying a cent? If you are an employer, will you have to close your company due to excessive and increasing premium costs? As an employer, what reasons would you have to cut back the hours of your workers or how many people will you need to lay off in order to comply with Obamacare? Why and how is the Obama administration giving exceptions to cronies and selected companies, enabling them to legally escape exorbitant health insurance expenses? How and why will a 15-member bureaucratic panel without any medical experience eventually cut your medical benefits ~ even if you're covered by Medicare? How will criminals and drug addicts receive free medical care without paying a single penny, while hard-working, law-abiding Americans struggle to purchase mandatory insurance policies? James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., is an internationally acclaimed integrative medical oncologist. Non-stop streams of patients from around the globe visit his U.S. clinic for treatment and medical advice. Many patients and medical industry professionals look to him as a leader, a maverick eager to educate the public about vital issues including Obamacare.

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