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Coastal Landscapes (Collins Learn to Paint)

Coastal Landscapes (Collins Learn to Paint)

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Coastal Landscapes (Collins Learn to Paint)

5/5 (1 evaluare)
150 pages
42 minutes
Jun 26, 2014


Learn to Paint Coastal Landscapes is a new title in the best-selling Collins Learn to Paint series. It features many step-by-step exercises and demonstration paintings of seascapes in watercolour, oils and pastels.

This is a new title in Collins' recently relaunched 'Learn to Paint series'. It features many step-by-step exercises and demonstration paintings of seascapes in watercolour, gouache, oils and pastels.

Ray Balkwill is a popular artist and well-respected teacher, whose speciality is painting seascapes, estuaries, boats and harbours. In this book he demonstrates all the necessary techniques for painting successful coastal landscapes in watercolour, gouache, oils and pastels.

Contents include:
• Painting water and reflections
• Working from photographs
• Capturing movement
• Perspective and measuring
• Composition
• Tonal values
• Colour mixing

There are many practical exercises and step-by-step demonstration paintings of a variety of different seascapes, featuring cliffs and headlands, estuaries, and creeks, and boats and harbours. In addition there are useful sections on painting skies and the weather.

Jun 26, 2014

Despre autor

Ray Balkwill is a popular artist who teaches painting to art clubs all over the country. He is a regular contributor to The Artist Magazine and author of Watercolour Plus. He has featured on TV South West.

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Coastal Landscapes (Collins Learn to Paint) - Ray Balkwill

Portrait of an Artist

Ray Balkwill was born in 1948 in Exeter, Devon. He enjoyed drawing from a very early age and making a career in art was always his ambition. However, it was not fine art but graphic design that he first studied at Exeter College of Art. When Ray graduated from college he worked as a designer in advertising agencies, firstly in London and then in the West Country. The turning point came in 1985 when he decided to pick up painting again alongside his main occupation as an art director. Demand for his paintings soon grew and resulted in him turning professional in 1990.

Since then his work has been shown in gallery light inspired this painting of the Exe estuary anies all over the UK, and he has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions. Ray’s work has also been hung in major open exhibitions including those of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, the Royal West of England Academy and the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. In 1999 he was elected a member of the St Ives Society of Artists. He holds regular exhibitions in his spacious studio gallery at his home in Exmouth, giving the public an opportunity to view some of his latest work and, from time to time, the work of other invited artists.

Sharing his knowledge

Ray has also built up a considerable reputation as a teacher; he runs painting holidays from his Devon studio, in Cornwall and occasionally overseas. He also gives lectures, demonstrations and workshops to art groups throughout the West Country. Painting can be a solitary occupation, so Ray enjoys sharing his experiences with fellow artists and finds the whole process of teaching necessary and very rewarding.

Ray Balkwill sketching on the Exe estuary.

Ray is a regular contributor to The Artist magazine and his work has also featured in International Artist and Pastel Artist International. He is the author of two books and his work appears in many other publications. An art instruction film of him painting on the Exe estuary has also been made by APV Films. He is a strong advocate of painting en plein air and his main objective is always to capture the mood and spirit of a place. Living as he does on the coast, it is little wonder that the forces of nature and the wide-open spaces of sea and sky have been the mainspring of his art.

Sunlit Water, Topsham watercolour 35 × 25 cm (14 × 10 in)

The soft, hazy light inspired this painting of the Exe estuary and watercolour was the perfect choice for capturing it.


Reflections, Otter Head mixed media 34 × 47 cm (13½ × 18½ in)

In art, expressiveness counts far more than photographic accuracy and working on location rather than in the studio encourages this.

Whether there are thundering windswept waves crashing onto rugged rocks or the reflections of a glorious sunset in a gentle swell, the coastal landscape inspires within me the creative need to capture these emotional moments in paint. I am drawn to water in all its many guises. After all, there are a thousand and one things to stir the imagination: the ever-changing light, boats of all shapes and sizes, big skies, reflections, tide-pools and rusting chains to name but a few. It’s not only a visual feast, either – the sound of crashing waves, the ‘popping’ mud on a falling tide, the cries of the gulls and the smell of seaweed combine to make the coast one of the most inspirational subjects to paint.

I believe the starting point for any good painting is to have a passion for the subject. It is about your personal as well as physical relationship with the landscape, which artists call ‘a sense of place’. Combine this with keen observational skills and a sound technique and your goal of producing work you are pleased with is in sight. However, there are no shortcuts to painting successful coastal landscapes – it starts with sketching, as often as you can. Drawing sets down the ideas and memory of an experience, thinking ahead to the finished painting.

How this book can help

This book covers a variety of my favourite subjects, including seascapes, still water and the reflections within it, skies, estuaries, boats and harbours. The comprehensive materials section

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