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A Man Called Ove: A Novel

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A Man Called Ove: A Novel

Până la Fredrik Backman

Evaluare: 4.5 din 5 stele4.5/5 (892 stele)
Lungime: 416 pagini6 ore

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Lovable curmudgeon…
This is, unsurprisingly, the story of a small-town curmudgeon named Ove. He is a man of staunch principles, strict routines, and terrible anger. But, of course, beneath Ove’s rough and unfriendly exterior lies a story of true sorrow and loss. More than following one man’s obsession with being the worst, the book explores the comical and heartwarming relationship between Ove and his ill-fated new neighbors.


A charming breakout novel from Sweden, A Man called Ove is the tale of a grumpy-but-loveable old man who finds his quiet world turned upside down when an outgoing family moves in next door.

Ove is the definition of a curmudgeon. He isn’t afraid to express his opinions, especially of the people he doesn’t like, and even in the middle of a supermarket. He has staunch, strict principles, set routines, and a very short furse. He's referred to as the “bitter neighbor from hell.”

But Ove has known his share of hardship. And just because Ove doesn’t walk around with a smile plastered across his face doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be happy.

After a boisterous young couple moves in next door, though, a tale of unexpected friendship and understanding unfolds—one that will warm the hearts of even the grumpiest old men.
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