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Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business

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Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business

Până la Suzi Pomerantz

Lungime: 495 pagini6 ore


Seal the Deal makes marketing services simple. Learn the ten core steps in a proven process, including the Essential Mindsets for Selling Services and a road-tested system for how to simultaneously manage networking, marketing and sales to get the clients you want. Coaches, consultants, counselors, and self-employed professionals of any industry will find practical, proven, powerful strategies to build your business beyond bountiful.

Suzi Pomerantz takes a coach approach to sales and shows you how to:
* Never make a cold call again
* Build your business while billing time
* Reframe how you think about sales and selling
* Eliminate phone fear and fill your schedule with prospective clients
* Handle objections at every stage of the sales process
* Think about sales meetings as a chess match
* Master networking so you can manage your relational assets
* Ask for what you want
* Track your progress and utilize the sales and service cycles synergistically
* Integrate her proven selling system with your natural style and personality to take actions that feel comfortable and sustainable
* Build your business your way
* Take the mystery out of how to get the clients you want
* Take the struggle out of selling your services to executives and organizations
* Find the sweet spot where networking, marketing and sales intersect so you can successfully Seal the Deal!

“Seal the Deal is a cogent, coherent and comprehensive approach to business development. Don’t miss it!” — Ken Blanchard, Co-author The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level
“Many great coaches and consultants have the dedication, education and experience needed to help others. They are just missing clients! Seal the Deal shows you how to solve this problem and helps you turn great talent into a great business. This is an important book!”
- Marshall Goldsmith, America’s pre-eminent executive coach and author of 22 books on leadership.

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