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How to Lose Weight Fast by Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist

How to Lose Weight Fast by Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist

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How to Lose Weight Fast by Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist

102 pages
1 hour
Sep 24, 2014


Tired of waking up and everything looks and feels the same! Same bulge here! Same bulge there! You are somewhat puzzled. All of this working out.... All of this dieting.... Everything remains the same. It's taking far too long! Well, that is where How to Lose Weight Fast comes in.

In this awesome audiobook, Law Payne provides the ultimate solution to weight loss. You will discover that ignoring the basic scientific facts associated with weight loss is like throwing away the key that will unlock the door that leads to true weight loss, true happiness, and a healthier lifestyle. Diving into the audio, you will discover the scientific connection between the physical, the mental, the psychological and the emotional. The profound truth that happiness is as a result of a healthy mind and body will stir you in the right direction to take action. Understanding that your health comes first is worth every breath and every sweat. You will discover how quickly that weight will go once you start the program. At the end of the day, the results will be a win-win. You are enjoying your diet while losing the weight.

Discover how you can adopt lifestyle changes that result in you experiencing boost of energy and losing weight fast. Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

What Weight Loss is About
Health First
Mind and Matter
Motivation and Setting Goals
Benefit and Cost of Losing Weight
Aiming for a More Active Lifestyle

Sep 24, 2014

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How to Lose Weight Fast by Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist - Law Payne



Law Payne Reveals Tips to Help You

Lose up to 20 Pounds in Just 21 Days

by Law Payne

Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist

Copyright © 2014 by Law Payne

All Rights Reserved

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, by any means, without prior permission, of both the copyright owner and the publisher. Every effort has been made to ensure this publication is free from error or omissions. However, the publisher, authors, editors and their employees shall not accept responsibility for injury, loss, or damage occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material in this book.



The information presented in this book is not meant to be used as a substitute for medical advice. Before you begin any new exercise, nutrition or dietary supplement program, you should consult a licensed health-care practitioner.








Some myths to debunk for starters

Starting on the right foot



What does health mean?


Psychological problems to consider

And, on to the good news

Motivation and setting goals


Benefits and Costs of Losing Weight

Your self-image has to shift

The stages of change

Make Your Plan Fit Your Lifestyle








Hello there! Nice to meet you!

First things first…

Let me guess what you are thinking now: Who is that guy who thinks he knows all so well? And why would he try to help me with anything?

Well, let me answer that quickly by telling you a little about myself.

I am a fitness expert, award-winning body-builder and a personal trainer. I am the man who stands behind virtually 10,000 incredible physical transformations. I have helped all my clients lose that weight and keep it off.

And you know what else? These are all people just like you. Thanks to our work together, they finally achieved the body and health they deserve. I like to think that these transformations not only made their lives better, but improved them for good. Because once you taste that energy, strength and confidence, you will do anything to keep it that way.

You want all that for yourself, don’t you? I want that for you, too!

What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

Welcome aboard!


Before we begin,

I would like to especially thank

all the people who have contributed

and helped me be where I am today!

Without you, nothing would have been the same.



Some myths to debunk for starters

I don’t believe in universal systems.

I don’t believe in magic tricks. Way too many people today are desperately searching for just that trick to use and jump into the body of a celebrity. Why desperately? Because they are so used to being passive and afraid, that the sole idea of making some real effort, makes them shake with disgust.

You may have noticed, I never said that they are lazy? It’s not me being afraid to be honest, my friend. It’s just that I also don’t believe in laziness. I think of it as an excuse not to live to your full potential.

Why would anyone search an excuse not to live? Because the path with least resistance is so much easier to follow. As long as you don’t truly suffer from that (and, by truly, I mean strong physical pain, or sickness), you don’t feel the need to change yourself. Why would you? Your old ways work.

Yes, so far your body just works. It might be still functional, but are you happy with how it looks? Are you energetic enough to enjoy your life to the fullest?

If the answers to the above are two honest Yes!, then you should maybe leave that book right now and go have fun.

But if you feel your answers were not so positive, or not 100% honest, then keep reading. Because I won’t rest until we have big, enthusiastic YES to all life has to offer you!

I don’t believe that starving yourself to death is the way to have the body of your dreams.

You have probably heard about, and tried yourself, uncountable amount of diets. Of course you have! They are everywhere: in news, magazines, bookstands in stores, they are on TV, they flash against you from shiny banners on your browser.

And every new guru claims the ones before him got it all wrong. But, see, he (or she) is the one who knows how it really works. Sure enough, they promise you the world without much effort on your side… All you have to do is give up on carbs, or fats,… or even suck up on sun energy and become healthy as never.

And why wouldn’t they share their ideas of what your body needs? You are the one who wants them to. You are the one who pays them to feed you their delusions. And these are delusions, my friend, because most of them completely ignore the most basic scientific facts. We’ll get on that later in this book.

For now it’s suffice for me to tell you that I am against starving. Too many of my clients have been victims of the infamous yo-yo effects of crazy diets. And, while, thinking about what is good for your health, and what moderation means, will help you become healthier and more energetic, I’m asking you to stop this miracle diet madness here and now. It’s bad for you!

I don’t believe in all knowing gurus.

Some people can’t help but start believing themselves too much, once some TV show gives them a little attention. Even if they started off with the best intentions to help others with their knowledge, they surely loose track at some point and start believing they are experts in everything – from health, through sports and even politics.

That’s all fine and innocent until you don’t trust them too much and take everything they have to say as the pure and only truth. Do

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