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Singing To The End Of Life (Life's Outtakes Year 5) 52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories

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From the inspiration of a dying soldier’s wish of Singing To The End Of Life to the humor of Football Through The Eyes Of A Child, these 52 humorous and inspirational short stories (one for each week of the year) will make you laugh, reminisce, and contemplate the relationships you cherish most. Stories include:

1. Football Through The Eyes Of A Child
2. Grandchildren Caught Redhanded
3. The World's Best Summer Job
4. When Being Old Fashioned Is Good
5. Motorcycles And Mary Kay Consultants
6. Horrible Work Conditions And Pay Raises
7. Flat Fixes And Forwarding Favors
8. Straw Mazes And Little Girls
9. Calculating Consequences
10. We Are All Brothers
11. The Wedding Escort
12. Understanding True Thankfulness
13. Ice Fishing Secrets
14. What Students Learned In Math Class
15. The Best Comeback To Stupid Pickup Lines
16. Soup Can Labels And Red Wagons
17. Learning About An Old Scrooge
18. I've Never Had A Bad Day
19. A New Pickup And Good Neighbors
20. An Unusual Weather Vane
21. The Unusual Horticulture Project
22. More Than Just A Teacher
23. The Undesired Gift
24. A Valentine’s Day Dance First Date
25. Cub Scouts And Musical Instruments
26. What Math Texts Are Good For
27. The Unknown Child
28. A Young Boy And A Wild Imagination
29. Bringing A Plane To Earth In Church
30. The New Church Assignment
31. It Takes A Community To Raise A Child
32. The Big Wedding Day
33. A Story To Take A Gander At
34. The Final Exam
35. The Internet Filtering Mistake
36. Cow Psychology 101
37. What Students Say
38. Singing To The End Of Life
39. The Best Pair Of Legs Contest
40. Lessons From Telling The Truth
41. Hungry Enough To Eat A
42. The Empty Chair
43. The Other Boyfriend
44. The Price For Freedom
45. Keeping A Promise
46. Results Of Milking A Cow
47. Important Things To Take Camping
48. Watch What Happens When You Lose Track Of Time
49. Coach Pitch Baseball 1st Practice
50. Dynamite Comes In Small Packages
51. Coach Pitch Baseball 1st Game
52. What's Important In Life And Baseball

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