Kosmic Kocktails: A Sci-Fi Fans Mixology Cookbook

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Kosmic Kocktails: A Sci-Fi Fans Mixology Cookbook

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This is a Sci-Fi fan's mix drinks recipe book featuring unique flavor profiles, textures, & unheard of mix & match liquor, liqueurs, wines, & misc. ingredients, with Sci-Fi related names & descriptions. This cookbook is a surefire way to experience new & exotic potables & comestibles. The recipes contained are all my personally conceived concoctions, and any resemblance to existing cocktails is either a pure coincidence or was carefully selected for use as a comparison to an established cocktail, like my creation The Sonic Screwdriver, a twist on the classic screwdriver with an effervescent fizz by way of club soda infusion that gives a "sonic" buzzing in the drinker's head, hence the name & obvious reference to "Doctor Who." I encourage you all not just to sample the contents of this recipe book, but to purchase it in its entirety for the simple fact that the cocktail(s) that may strike your fancy(ies) may lie beyond the freebies, and for those wary of the "cheapness" of this book I priced this at only a bit more than pocket change because I approached the pricing with your convenience in mind. For those wondering what lies within the digital "covers," this mixology cookbook contains 30 recipes for the absurdly low listed price.

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