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Tapping In: 21 Strategies for Building Viral Mobile Apps People Will Love

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Tapping In: 21 Strategies for Building Viral Mobile Apps People Will Love

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Get your mobile app found, installed, loved and shared.

You're convinced your app will be a hit, yet you know the odds—only 20 percent of users return to use an app the first day after they download it, and you're competing with nearly one hundred thousand new apps pouring into the market each month.

Apps don't fail due to competition or bad ideas—they fail because of poor user experience, lack of customer support, inability to keep the app top of mind and not enough promotion.

Whether you simply have a great idea, want to improve an existing app, or know how to code but lack the skills to create a killer user experience, this book will show you how to:

• Apply successful traits from the top-grossing apps to your own apps
• Take advantage of tactics to get more exposure and stand out among the competition
• Design an amazing user experience to immediately hook new users
• Leverage proven techniques to drive engagement and usage
• Make your app habit-forming
• Spread your app virally via word of mouth

In addition, Tapping In includes a comprehensive questionnaire and road map when planning and building your app.

With 21 easily digestible, actionable strategies, Tapping In is a must-read before embarking on your next mobile app conquest!

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