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So You Want To Be an iOS Developer

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So You Want To Be an iOS Developer

Până la Kent Franks

Lungime: 177 pagini1 oră


"So you want to be an iOS Developer" is a starting point for anyone wanting to become iOS developer. It walks you through all the steps needed to get up and running in developing your own apps. Simple and straight forward explanations with hundreds of screen shots and code snippets. We start by signing up with Apple downloading and then learning Xcode, the tool used to develop iOS apps. Next, you will learn your way around Storyboards, the easy way to layout the UI of your app with little to no code. Continue on to start writing your own app. And finally, a bonus chapter on passing data around the right way.

Everything you need to start developing your own app today.

Written by the founder of TheAppCodeBlog, dedicated to teaching people how to develop apps since 2011.

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