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A Christmas with Avery

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On a snowy night during the Twelve Days of Christmas, Gael Kennett, a gentleman and a scholar, was in a deep depression brought on by alcohol, middle age and severe gambling losses suffered the previous summer. Gael departed from his favorite bar and staggered up the street on his way home. It was icy underfoot, so he stopped at a lamppost, closed his eyes and leaned his head against it. When he opened his eyes he discovered a huge black bear standing in front of him. Terrified, he squeezed his eyes shut, shook his head vigorously and slowly reopened them.But the bear was still there, dressed in evening clothes, with a tall black silk top-hat, a swallowtail coat, stovepipe trousers and a black cape. The bear speaks, apologizing for startling Gael and confesses that he too had thought to lean against the lamppost for a moment’s rest. Gael did not know it, but Avery Bear is a Pookah, a benevolent, well-educated, semi immortal animal spirit, who, like Gael, was a heavy drinker and loved to gamble.
Both their lives are about to change.

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