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Learn How to Paint Animal Portraits Using Pastels For the Beginner

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Learn How to Paint Animal Portraits Using Pastels For the Beginner

Lungime: 127 pagini13 minute


Learn How to Paint Animal Portraits Using Pastels For the Beginner

Shaving your Pastels
Pastel Storage
Various ways to blend using Pastels
Additional Techniques:
Color Wheel
Tips to Remember
How to render using Pastels with brush
The Wolf
The Capuchin Monkey
The Sugar Glider
The Panda
Author Bio


First of all thank you for choosing this eBook as your guide in Pastel Art, This is the Second eBook for the Pastel Art Series The first one is – “Learn How to Paint Portraits of People Using Pastels For the Beginner”, for this Second series we will be drawing and rendering animal fur and it’s specific texture using Pastel.

I remember as a kid I admired people who could draw and render animals, with just a pencil strokes, but as years goes by, my love and curiosity for art alone are not enough, so I seek for more ways to inspire me and appreciate art by immersing myself to some other medium, and I found out that pastel can really add something to my animals artwork as it has colors which can give life to your drawing aside from contenting myself from pencil alone. I can assure you that if you try this, you will be amazed with it.

So read it from start to finish, the first part is about what to expect in Pastel art, styles and techniques, and a discussion of colors, tips to remember, and how to render Pastel using Brushes, which is the key for rendering and blending Pastels. And by the way if you want to learn how to render using Charcoal after you learned everything from this eBook, check our other Charcoal Titles- Learn How to Draw Portraits of People in Charcoal for the Beginner (Learn to Draw), Learn How to Draw Landscapes In Pencil and Charcoal For The Absolute Beginner (Learn to Draw), Learn How to Draw Portraits of African Animals in Charcoal For the Beginner (Learn to Draw).

So be ready with your materials and follow the step-by-step procedures thoroughly in the exercises. And after that I’m sure at the end you will have Pastel Rendering skills and you will be rewarded for that, but first “have fun doing the exercises”.

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