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Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society

Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society

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Dog Diaries: Secret Writings of the WOOF Society

4.5/5 (3 evaluări)
77 pages
30 minutes
Jan 13, 2015


It is the first annual meeting of the WOOF Society. Dogs of all different backgrounds and breeds have gathered together to listen to the diaries of twelve dogs from around the world and throughout history. Abu is the ruler of ancient Egypt, but Miu, the Royal Cat, continues to challenge him, except at night. Tidbit, born the runt of the litter, becomes a star singer at the Grand Ole Opry. Jip leads his blinded master back home from the Civil War. Mimi, a dog living in Paris, shares her tips on bathroom protocol and dinnertime etiquette. And eight more!

Betsy Byars and her daughters, Laurie Myers and Betsy Duffey, the trio who brought you MY DOG, MY HERO and THE SOS FILE, have pooled their talents once again to write on a subject they love. DOG DIARIES is a collection of humorous and touching stories, complemented by Erik Brooks' black-and-white illustrations, that will appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

Jan 13, 2015

Despre autor

Erik Brooks is the author and illustrator of many books for children. A graduate of Carleton College with a degree in art, he lives with his family in north central Washington state.

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Dog Diaries - Erik Brooks

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Title Page

Copyright Notice


1. Beauregard Presides

2. Abu: The Dog Who Ruled Egypt

3. Einstein: What’s in a Name?

4. Pooch’s Invisible Enemy

5. Dawg Strikes Gold

6. Tidbit: A Star Is Born

7. Marcus: A Mountain Comes Alive

8. Roscoe: Love Is in the Air

9. Mimi’s Guide to Life

10. Bo versus Bank Robber

11. Jip: The Long Way Home

12. Lucy’s Blended Family

13. WOOF! WOOF! Till Next Year


In memory of Ace

B. B., B. D., L. M.

For W. A. Weber

E. B.


Beauregard Presides

In a dark abandoned building, under a rickety staircase, was an entrance, more like a crack between two boards. Light shone behind the boards, beckoning to those outside. Through this mysterious entrance came dogs—large Dobermans, small Pekingese, Scotties, and Pugs. Purebred dogs and dogs of unknown pedigree. Dogs with collars and licenses, and dogs with none.

Inside, the room was surprisingly warm and cozy. The dogs took their places facing the front, where a small podium stood ready. The room was filled with sound, excited yips and barks, but became silent as an old dog moved toward the podium. His hair was graying at the beard, and his walk had lost the spring of youth, but his eyes shone bright. In his mouth he held a manuscript. He looked out at the group, carefully placed the papers at his feet, and began to speak.

"Welcome, canine friends. Welcome to the meeting of the WOOF Society—Words of Our Friends. I, Beauregard, your president, am proud to see such a large

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  • (5/5)
    When many different kind of dogs get together to tell stories about their problems. You will have very fun time reading the book. I would recommend this book to upper elementary aged kids.
  • (5/5)
    All the dogs gather to a secret place and talk about a dogs life, which is interesting 
  • (3/5)
    All the dogs come to a gathering and they all tell stories about dogs that have interesting lives.