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The Hero's Journey to Financial Success

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Starting a new business can be exhilarating, hopeful, intimidating, frightening and daunting -- – especially during tough economic times. If you don’t have the right tools, education and information at your fingertips to guide you through the murky waters of setting up and keeping your business running efficiently and at full speed, you can struggle every single day while watching your hard work go down the rabbit hole of failure.

Bryan Worn (aka: The Clarity Coach in Brisbane, Australia) has taken 40 years of business and relationship experience and compiled it into The Hero’s Journey to Financial Success to light your way up the dark stairs of confusion so you can confidently run your business with the right people, the right practices, and the right mindset to build and sustain the business of your dreams.

Many resources are available via financial institutions, coaches, consultants, attorneys, marketing and advertising experts, recruitments firms, etc., to ease your way through the maze of business ownership and management. Unfortunately, there isn’t much about how to have a positive, organized and well-structured relationship with your staff, clients and customers ... and most importantly with yourself.

The Hero’s Journey to Financial Success is the beacon of hope you’ve been looking for to show you the steps to set goals and action plans, and assess what’s working and not working (and how to fix it so it does work!). Plus it gives you examples of the physiology and psychology of excellence so you can see that financial success is attainable with just the right guidance.

Bryan Worn is a professional coach and consultant who’s been there and done it successfully, and helps others around the globe to achieve the same kind of success.

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