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The Beginner's Watercolor E-Book: Start Painting Today

The Beginner's Watercolor E-Book: Start Painting Today

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The Beginner's Watercolor E-Book: Start Painting Today

5/5 (1 evaluare)
120 pages
51 minutes
Dec 26, 2014


Start Painting Today with Step-by-Step Instructions

Do you want to start painting with watercolors, but don’t know where to begin? In The Beginner’s Watercolor E-Book: Start Painting Today, you’ll learn exactly which art supplies you need to start painting and the basic techniques used by watercolorists.

With over 50 illustrations, this e-book provides clear, step-by-step instructions and painting demos so you can:
* Learn about art supplies for beginning watercolor painting
* Create a color wheel
* Make your own reference sheet of painting techniques
* Learn how to prepare watercolor paper and paints
* Practice the dry brush technique
* Learn two types of watercolor washes
* Use a wet-in-wet technique
* Practice glazing with watercolors
* Learn fun ways to create special effects
* Paint two scenes using the techniques you are learning
* Get 10 tips to improve your painting skills

And as a bonus, the author, who previously published a website for watercolor artists, includes in this e-book 4 popular watercolor painting demonstrations which originally appeared on her website.

You Can Paint!

You can learn how to paint with watercolors and develop your creativity. It’s easier than you might think. The Beginner’s Watercolor E-Book will get you started on your own artistic journey!

Dec 26, 2014

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The Beginner's Watercolor E-Book - Janice Tingum




By Janice Tingum

Copyright ©2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2014 by Janice Tingum

All rights reserved.

To contact the author, send an email to:


For more artwork and demos by Janice Tingum, visit:

Janice Tingum Fine Art

url: http://janicetingum.com


You Can Paint!

Start with Quality

Prepare the Paper

Prepare the Paint


Create a Color Wheel

Dry Brush Technique

Wet-in-Wet Technique

Watercolor Wash on Wet Paper

Glazing Technique

Fun Tricks

Watercolor Wash on Dry Paper

Painting Project #1

Painting Project #2

Ten Tips

Bonus Demos

Book Excerpt

Thank You & An Invitation

You Can Paint!

Reflections on Saxophone

By Janice Tingum

I wish I could paint.

Have you ever said this?

Perhaps you’ve followed it up with statements like these: I don’t have any artistic ability. Watercolor painting is difficult. I don’t know where to start.

Well, I have good news for you. You can learn how to paint with watercolors and begin to develop your own creativity. It’s easier than you might think. And I can show you where to start!

Let me put your mind at ease right away about three concerns beginning painters often face.

First, you can learn to paint even if you don’t have a formal art education. Certainly, if you have the opportunity to obtain a college art degree or wish to spend several years at an art academy or atelier, I wholeheartedly urge you to do so. You can, however, learn to paint with watercolors through an informal approach. This means charting your own course with instructional books and videos, attending workshops, visiting museums and art galleries, researching the internet, interacting with other artists, practicing and experimenting.

Tulips on the Piano

By Janice Tingum

My own journey into watercolor painting followed this informal approach. Although I had an interest in painting while in high school, there were no art classes in the curriculum. By the time I entered college, my interest in art had waned and I even opted out of the Intro to Art class.

Years later when my desire to paint re-emerged, I regretted that I hadn’t taken any art classes and worried that I lacked sufficient understanding of art history and meaning, composition, techniques and materials to even lift a paint brush. This, of course, made painting seem like an enormous undertaking.

I’ve discovered, though, that learning to paint starts with quality materials and simple techniques. Learning about art history and everything else that makes art meaningful can and will come later. In fact, studying the works of the old masters will make more sense to you after you’ve handled paint and brush for a while. As you practice painting, you will likely pick up more books and videos about painting and begin to increase your knowledge of a good painting composition, how to paint values, select colors and lots of other fun things that make art great.

But you don’t need to know everything about art to get started painting. This book will show you the basic techniques and materials to get started in watercolor painting and embark you on your artistic journey.

A second concern I had when I started painting was that I didn’t have an artistic mentor – someone who could critique my work and give me tips on how to improve my paintings. One day at a local art fair, I stopped to admire the work of a watercolor artist. When I expressed my own interest in painting, she invited me to attend a local watercolor society. In this wonderful group of artists, I found lots of encouragement, advice, opportunities to grow and friendship.

I encourage you to seek out other watercolor artists, too. Watercolor societies exist at local, regional, national and international levels. Get involved in one or more. This will significantly enrich your painting experience.

The third problem beginning painters often face is doubt about their own talent. As a child and young adult, I never considered myself to be particularly creative. My inclination was toward logic, reasoning and analysis. But I still had the desire to paint, so I used my analytic skills to find

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    Easy to read and understand for beginner watercolor artists. Fantastic.