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You Don't Know Jack!

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You Don't Know Jack!

Până la Don Ross

Lungime: 283 pagini4 ore


Raves for ‘You Don’t Know Jack’

“Fans of Lewis Grizzard, Art Buchwald and Mark Twain, take heart. A new star is on the horizon. Don Ross, with a stroke of h is magical pen the loosing of a highly imaginative mind, revives the laid-back homey humor that stirred so many hearts and caused so many smiles, bringing joy to the young and the young at heart alike. Ross’s hero – or perhaps anti-hero – Jackson (Jacko) Odum is one of the ‘good ole country boys’ who take live as it comes (and a few other things as well) and washes it down with something you don’t find in drug stores. Highly amusing at all times and outrageously humorous on occasion, Ross in his debut at humor has crafted a masterpiece. Whether read in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, Ross’s spoof of a novice author will keep you coming back for more.”
....Jonathan Penroc
Author, War of the Gods series

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