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Recollections of Endless Summers

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Recollections of Endless Summers

Până la Connor Reilly

Lungime: 41 pagini39 minute


In Connor Reilly's debut anthology follow the misadventures of two best friends as they stumble through their vivid existences in the search for true meaning. Many of the stories are heavily influenced by Reilly's belief in the power of relationships, and the overwhelming draw of the ocean. A read that will not only leave you laughing, but questioning the vices and virtues you battle with everyday as a human being. "The question I find myself asking is do I want to be like a candle or a firework? The candle burns steadily and slowly, not much excitement but an existence that is coveted by many. The firework boldly shoots out into the deep blackness of night, fizzles higher and higher for a few seconds before exploding in an overwhelming spectacle of sound and color..." - Recollections of Endless Summers

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