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Snacks in a Flash

Snacks in a Flash

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Snacks in a Flash

31 pages
11 minutes
Jan 31, 2015


Snacks have become an integral part of anyone’s daily diet. Easy snacks are prized for their ease of creation and for requiring only a handful of ingredients when any preparation is needed. Our shelves and cupboards are fully stocked with a wide variety of ingredients that when mixed together would make great snacks for kids of all ages, like popcorn, chips, and snack mix.

Unfortunately, constantly purchasing premade snacks from the supermarket can be a costly endeavor, both to our wallets and to our health. Snacks that we buy off the shelves tend to be expensive, particularly if we buy them constantly, and are often coated in harmful chemicals and preservatives. With this book, kid treats can be made quickly, economically, and with little effort.

So if you’re searching for a solution, Snacks in a Flash (Fast Food From Home) is a snacks cookbook that provides  a variety of recipes for tasty treats and is the ideal companion book for anyone trying to start creating their  own quick treats rather than attempting to simply buy them. Some of the appetizing snacks included are Sweet  Popcorn, Bread Sticks, and Popular Party Mix.

Why stick with bland store-bought snacks when you can create delicious snacks in a flash?

Jan 31, 2015

Despre autor

Amy Clark was born in the heart of the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and teaches at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. She is the 2012 recipient of the Jean Ritchie Fellowship in Appalachian Writing.. She is founder and Director of the Appalachian Writing Project, a non-profit organization for teachers whose mission is to improve the teaching of writing in rural schools. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers.

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Snacks in a Flash - Amy Clark


When you have the munchies, or want a snack, what type of food do you look for?  Trail mix? Popcorn? Chocolate?

This book includes those, but often with a new twist that will liven up your snack life.

Some snacks in this book can be served as appetizers at a party, while others are intended for one or two people.

Some snacks are diet-conscious, while others are purely for enjoyment and you can count calories later.

Whether it is a re-make of a standard snack or something totally new to you, you will find many options to be able to quickly have a fresh, tasty snack to enjoy.

Chex & Pumpkin Pie Snack Mix


Ranch Ham Pinwheels

Munchies for the Road

Nutella Cream

Almond Brickle Apple Dip

Simple Saltines

Tropical Party Mix

Rice Cake Snacks

Chocolate Munchies

Summer Smoothie

Quick Snack Crackers

Sweet Bread Sticks

Sweet &

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