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More Chinese Slanguage

More Chinese Slanguage

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More Chinese Slanguage

109 pages
6 minutes
Jan 2, 2014


These easy-to-use, pocket-sized language guides are a great way to learn to speak hundreds of basic words and phrases in the most popular foreign languages. With these fun visual guides, just follow the illustrated prompts and read the English words out loud. Soon you’ll be speaking the language well enough to be understood by most native speakers while asking directions, ordering food at a restaurant, shopping, or just making new friends!

Mike Ellis is a web designer with expertise in e-commerce, online marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing. He runs the popular Web site www.slanguage.com and is the author of seven previous Slanguage books. He lives with his family near Philadelphia.

Jan 2, 2014

Despre autor

Mike Ellis a web designer who runs the popular website www.slanguage.com. He lives with his family in Philadelphia.

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More Chinese Slanguage - Mike Ellis


How to Use This Book

If you have always wanted to learn the basics of Mandarin, but traditional methods seemed overwhelming or intimidating, this book is for you! Just follow the directions below and soon you’ll be able to say dozens of words and phrases in Mandarin.

Follow the illustrated prompts and say the phrase quickly and smoothly with equal emphasis on the words or syllables. While Mandarin is a tonal language, you’ll still be understood if you speak clearly and evenly. A strikethrough means don’t pronounce that letter.

Learn to string together words or phrases to create many more phrases.

The words and phrases are sorted alphabetically within each chapter to make finding them easier.

Draw your own pictures to help with memorization and pronunciation.

Note: This book may produce Americanized Mandarin.

For free sound bytes, visit slanguage.com.


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