The Bones Below

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The Bones Below

Până la Sierra DeMulder

Evaluare: 4 din 5 stele4/5 (22 stele)
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A clear voice of her generation, Sierra DeMulder’s writing offers a gritty, sincere perspective on the subtle joys and modern pains of living. Her debut collection The Bones Below delicately carries the reader to a place of brutal, beautiful honesty. DeMulder’s personal revelations complete a touching portrait of the young artist and her fearless exploration of the human experience, bare in its rawest and most tender forms.

DeMulder possesses the most important quality a young writer can have, a unique voice. That voice exploded onto the national poetry scene. Sierra uses subtlety and tension the way photographers use angle. She will eat your heart out with a spoon. -Karen Finneyfrock, “Ceremony for the Choking Ghost"

DeMulder is intensely personal. - Huffington Post

violently passionate and sweet, deftly moving between the two modes. - The Lamron, New Journal of SUNY Geneseo
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