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The Yuck Factor

The Yuck Factor

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The Yuck Factor

112 pages
1 hour
Mar 20, 2015


Animals are now being created with human brain cells!. Nevertheless, many scientists worry that if you humanize animals too much you cross certain boundaries that could be dangerous, and they’re sincerely concerned for mankind if this practice is allowed to continue. In The Yuck Factor we learn what can happen when over-zealous scientists attempt to humanize animals.

Mar 20, 2015

Despre autor

Who is Harry Harris? It’s a bit difficult for me to write about myself without feeling superficial; nevertheless, for what it’s worth, here is a thumbnail account of how I went from being a successful actor to becoming an unsuccessful Standup Comedian, to what makes me tick these days, a writer. Be that as it may, I believe the best way to begin telling you about me, is to explain what happened the first day I reported for duty as a soldier in the U.S. Army during World War ll: “Are you being a wise guy?” the sergeant said testily. “No Sir,” I answered timidly, “that’s my real name, and it’s not the first time I’m being questioned about it; I’m Harrisios Harrisiadis.” When it was obvious that the sergeant didn’t believe me I added quickly, “My parents are from Greece, they immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Nashua, New Hampshire where I was born. Incidentally, sergeant, a Greek name, at least to us Greeks, is not only beautiful but interesting as well for it’s not only used as an appellation to distinguish one person from another, but it also designates something special about a person. For example, my first name, Harrisios, in Greek translates to ‘Happy’ in English, and my surname, Harrisiadis, to ‘Freedom’. My father’s first name, Philipos, to ‘Fiend of Horse,’ and my mother’s first name, Sophia, to ‘Wisdom’. So you can say that I was raised by a Horse Fancier and a remarkably Wise Woman who together taught me to always live up to my name, Happy Freedom. Parenthetically, the sergeant’s reaction was one for the books. In any event, when I returned to the United States after fighting the Nazis in Africa, Sicily and Italy, and had received an honorable discharge for my service in the Army, I took advantage of the GI Bill, which enabled me to get a good education at the Government’s expense. I attended several Drama Schools, including a special course in Acting and Television Production and Directing at Columbia University in New York City, and then I went looking for employment as an actor in that sphere of work. The first thing I came to terms with as an actor was that I was no longer being addressed by my Greek name but by one that my agent felt would be more helpful in getting me work: My beautiful Greek name was cut practically in half and I became known in Show Business as Harry Harris. With that name in tow I managed to learn my work as an actor well by being in more than 200 stage productions throughout the country, and although most of them were touring companies and Summer Stocks, they helped me to gain the stature as an actor that I needed. In any case, I then ventured into the Television Arena and got my own show called “Here’s Harris”, on an ABC affiliate station in Pennsylvania. It was a show that featured my ‘personality’, and not my acting ability, so after several years with the burning desire to act still in my veins, I left the TV show and went to Hollywood to get into films. As luck would have it, and luck is paramount in Show Business if one is to be successful, two members from the Swedish Film Industry were in Hollywood looking for an American actor to play the villain in a Swedish cowboy film. Yes, you read correctly, a Swedish COWBOY film. Nevertheless, after being auditioned and getting the part I was flown to Sweden where the motion picture, “Wild West Story,” starring Sweden’s beloved actor, Carl Glustav Lindstedt, was made into a movie. Although the film wasn’t a huge success, acting as rough and tumble cowboys is not what Swedish actors do best, it, nevertheless, gave my acting career a tremendous boost; it enabled me to get work as an actor throughout Europe. During those years I managed to get a Best Foreign Actor’s Award in Italy and the lead in one of Australia’s most popular TV shows, “Number 96.” Unfortunately, it was at that time that I began to suffer with neuropathy and since I couldn’t walk properly my acting days took their final bow. I returned to the United States thinking I would retire gracefully only to realize that I was at odds with myself; that retirement was not for me. So, using a ‘walker’ I began working as a Standup Comedian. Several years later, feeling I had enough experience in life to write a book or two, I began my career as an Author and Playwright. And in the twenty-five years that followed I’ve done nothing but write, write, write, and I’ve loved every minutes of it. Since I didn’t want my readers to have trouble remembering my name, I didn’t use my Greek name but wrote under the appellation, Harry Harris. Be that as it may, since the people that have read my novels seem to enjoy them, I’m still at it 24/7. So, now you know something about me and I trust I haven’t been too, how shall I put it, superficial?

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The Yuck Factor - Harry Harris


Yuck Factor

Another fascinating story about those two lovely cats,

Sami One Eye and Mr. Big Foot

By Harry Harris

Copyright 2015 Harry Harris


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Animals are now being created with human brain cells!

That momentous, albeit distressing fact, was brought to the public’s attention by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and was reported in the ARIZONA TRIBUNE dated January 6, 2010:

In an undisclosed, secret laboratory in Mesa, Arizona,

Dr. Michael Bartsch has been injecting MICE with small amounts of human brain cells in an effort to make realistic models of disorders -- such as Parkinson’s -- in order to find cures for the disease. He created the models by injecting 100,000 human stem cells into the brains of 14-day-old rodents. The mice were born with about 0.5 percent of human cells in each of their brains, a trace amount that doesn’t remotely come close to humanizing the rodents. However, it proved that injecting human stem cells into mouse brains does have a positive effect on their intellect. This is not far-fetched, Dr. Bartsch argues, after all, the mice are 97.5 percent genetically identical to humans.

Nevertheless, many scientists worry that if you humanize animals too much you cross certain boundaries that could be dangerous, and they’re sincerely concerned for mankind if this practice, which they refer to as THE YUCK FACTOR, is allowed to continue.

Dr. Bartsch claims that a cat he had injected with human stem cells called 911 for help, which was instrumental in saving its master’s life:

Police got a 911 call from Gary Armstrong’s apartment, but no one was on the line. When they called back and didn’t get an answer, they decided to investigate: In the apartment they found Tommy the cat lying by the phone on the living room floor. Mr. Armstrong who had fallen, was unable to get up because of mini-strokes that disrupt his balance; also he wasn’t wearing his medical necklace and couldn’t reach it to alert paramedics that he needed help. Mr. Armstrong said that he got the cat three years ago from Dr. Bartsch who informed him that the cat, due to the human stem cells that had been injected into its brain, could easily be trained to call 911 in an emergency. The cat’s owner was unsure if the training ever stuck, however, now he knows that it was successful.

The phone in the living room is always on the floor and there are 12 small buttons on it, including a speed dial for 911. Thanks to the stem-cell injections, Tommy the cat learned what button to push when his owner became disabled.

When hearing of the cat’s achievement, Dr. Bartsch is quoted as saying, I’m not surprised. I truly believe that by increasing the number of human stem cells into animals that they could not only be trained to accomplish heroic deeds but in time taught English and be able to speak with their masters.

It is therefore possible that Dr. Bartsch’s theory may one day become a reality; however, in THE YUCK FACTOR the story that follows, we learn what can happen when over-zealous scientists attempt to humanize animals.

Chapter One

Ralph Morgan and his wife, Irene, always enjoyed having

Dr. Harold Vaughan,--the world-renowned scientist—as their guest for dinner. He not only had a myriad of interesting stories to relate, mostly about his travels to foreign countries, but he intermingled them with so much humor that they became a captive audience. This evening, however, was especially interesting for them because the doctor had discussed his plans to humanize animals, and what had pleased him immensely was that Ralph and Irene were receptive to his idea of having their two beloved cats,

Sami One-Eye and Mr. Big Foot, help him with his experiments.

When the engaging evening had come to an end and the doctor had been escorted to the door, he said, First, I want to thank you, Irene, for the delicious dinner; your great knowledge of the culinary arts never fails you, the meal was, as usual, excellent. Secondly, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your two lovely felines for they’re perfect for the experiments that I have in mind. And I assure you, once again, that my tests will not subject them to danger or to any pain.

If I didn’t believe that to be the case, Irene said, You wouldn’t have succeeded in talking me into letting you have my little darlings to be part of your experiments...for you know how dear those two adorable cats are to us. Making a face, she added, Even though my husband doesn’t approve of what you’re planning to do, I’m all for it...because endeavoring to humanize animals so that they can communicate with humans, and eventually do so in English, has boggled my mind; it’s got me looking anxiously toward the future...to the day when I’ll be able to actually converse with Sami and Big Foot instead of using baby-talk to communicate with them. Chuckling, she said, I can just imagine the delightful conversations I’ll be having with them. She sighed deeply and then said, That’s why I’ll be praying that your experiments will be successful, doctor, for it certainly will revolutionize the way we humans interact with the animals around the world. Smiling whimsically she added boastfully, I know your experiments will be successful because you’ll have Sami and Big Foot to work with; they’re so smart you couldn’t have hoped for two better guinea pigs. Making a face she said quickly, But please, Harold, when they’ve learned to speak English and you’re talking with them, don’t let them know that I referred to them as guinea pigs. If you do they won’t have anything to do with me for days; you know how sensitive cats can be!

Chuckling, the doctor said, with tongue in cheek, Irene, my dear, I wouldn’t dream of letting them know that you’ve compared them to swine. With that the doctor kissed Irene lightly on each cheek continental style, shook Ralph’s hand, said he expected Sami and Big Foot to be at his laboratory first thing in the morning, thanked his friends again for the succulent meal, and left.

Ralph and Irene remained at the door and waved to the doctor as he got into his car and drove off. And only when his car was out of sight did they go back into the house to hash over the exciting events of the evening. When they were in the living room Irene made drinks for the two of them, -- Hers, with Amaretto and coke, and Ralph’s with vodka and tonic, and then they sat back comfortably on the couch and began reflecting on the doctor’s theory on humanizing animals.

After what seemed like an eternity, Irene broke the quietness by saying pensively, Ralph, I can’t understand why you don’t approve of what Harold wants to do with animals? The fact that he’s trying to humanize them and hopefully get them to eventually speak will revolutionize the relationship that we humans have with them. And since he says that his experiments won’t be dangerous or painful for the animals I hope he succeeds. Her eyes twinkled brightly as she added, Can’t you just hear Sami and Big Foot talking with us? I not only wonder what their voices will sound like but what their first words to us will be. Smiling sheepishly, she said, "But no matter

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