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The 3 Wise King Healers, Medicinal Mushrooms

The 3 Wise King Healers, Medicinal Mushrooms

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The 3 Wise King Healers, Medicinal Mushrooms

46 pages
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Apr 9, 2015


The three medicinal mushroom presented in this book were used as effective remedies for several millennia by Chinese, Kampo and other Oriental Medicines.
Modern scientific investigations found and classified more than a hundred of pharmaceutical molecules from these fungi. Their therapeutic action was later thoroughly confirmed by experimental and clinical tests. Consequently, they are today considered as valid remedies for a broad spectrum of diseases, some of which are seriously inflicting people living in modern industrialized countries. From flu to migraines or from cancer to hypertension, including the devastating effects of immune disorders such as lupus or multiple sclerosis, many conditions can be effectively treated with the use of therapeutic mushrooms.
Today, modern methods of culture allow for the growing of these fungi under controlled conditions. That way every specific species are cultured in the best growing environment and selected in the right moment (when the active components are in their optimum stage) mimicking their natural environment while avoiding contamination dangers and facilitating mass production.
Scientific progress also allow for new methods of extraction of the active components without affecting the chemical stability of those natural molecules and at the same time concentrate those pharmaceutical substances into effective doses. While at the same time, facilitating their intake and guaranty a more effective action once digested by humans by the elimination of potential anti-digestive components.

Apr 9, 2015

Despre autor

Toda una vida dedicada al estudio de la Naturaleza, desde la geología de los Andes hasta los efectos de ciertas enzimas sobre la salud humana. Soy un incansable buscador de respuestas a los interminables interrogantes que nos plantea el planeta Tierra y sobre todo a las infinitas formas de vida que se desarrollan en ella. Las desconocidas interacciones entre los seres microscópicos y los visibles y en especial sobre las sorprendentes bacterias que viven dentro de nuestro organismo condicionando nuestra salud física y ¡hasta nuestros pensamientos y emociones! Estoy convencido de que la alimentación correcta es la mejor medicina y que esto junto con una gestión adecuada de nuestras emociones son las claves para mantenernos en salud. Todo esto lo quiero comunicar a través de mis libros y artículos que podréis encontrar en mi web: juancmirre.com

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The 3 Wise King Healers, Medicinal Mushrooms - J. C. Mirre



Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake



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Copyright © 2015 by J.C. Mirre. All rights reserved.

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Everything that is written and recommended in this book is exclusively offered for information and educational purposes, in the hope that readers increase their knowledge on whatever elements are offered by nature that can be used for the improvement of health and a better quality of life.

This information is not intended to be used neither for the treatment or the diagnosis of any illness.

If in reading this book one finds symptoms similar to those described below, the reader should request the help of a medical doctor or other qualified health professional for a complete and accurate diagnosis and further treatment if such is the case.

In most countries medicinal mushrooms and their extracts are not pharmaceutical drugs and are not legally regulated as such. In some cases they are considered as nutritional supplements that could be recommended as adjuvant to a given medical therapy.

Both author and editor refrain from giving any medical advice, either directly or indirectly and specifically abstain to offer any hope of cure of no matter what health condition.

They are not liable to whatever circumstances could result from anyone deciding to heal on its own and without any medical assistance or consent.














There is not much written on medicinal fungus in scientific

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