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Rum: Guidance in Mixology, Pairing & Enjoying Life’s Finer Things

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Rum: Guidance in Mixology, Pairing & Enjoying Life’s Finer Things

Până la Carlos Batista

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This is not a recipe book or bartender “how to”. This is a guide to the world of Rum. With so many styles and flavor profiles, there are plentiful samples of rum to choose from. And therein lies the problem. With so many varieties to select from it is often difficult to make a selection at that bar or restaurant.

This book is aimed at fixing all that! With knowledge on the many different types, sizes and flavors of rum, one can be confident in making a selection, recommending rum for others to enjoy or blend with other ingredients to make wonderful cocktails. Additionally, here we do what other books do not. We list, pair and explain which, rum might be most complementary to a particular type of meal or cuisine! We teach it all from actual production to flavors! How does this relate to the world of Mixology? Some could argue that Bartenders make drinks, while “Mixologists” have a fuller understanding of the history of spirits, flavor profiles and how to best serve beverages. Mixologists create innovation in cocktails and culture, while remembering the past. Regardless of what you call yourself, there is a need for greater understanding.

This book gives the legal standards of Rum accompanied by its history, production methods, variances of the product, definitions, flavor profiles and how to pair it with various foods or other spirits. Mixologists & Bartenders are not born, they’re made. This book tells you how. A strong understanding of each product is needed to be well-rounded in the hospitality industry, no matter what you call yourself. Here we explain, clearly & concisely, all that’s needed to fully understand these types of Spirits and how to serve them properly.

For those not in the bar or restaurant field, we’ll give you a solid understanding to make the best selection for personal preference or learn how to pair a Rum with food. We’ll help you make better choices and be able to differentiate options, without having to personally try everything out there.

These are indeed the finer things in life... all should enjoy!

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