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The Other Sister (A True Dream novel)

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The Other Sister (A True Dream novel)

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A TRUE DREAM novel is a fiction story told from the character point-of-view on the romantic journey to getting married. They are true romance stories that should leave you warm and dreamy. Each story ends in marriage whether it is stated or not.

British-raised Banji couldn’t be bothered who got married first, the elder or the younger. He was engaged to Deke, Abike’s younger sister. Abike’s family didn’t like the idea but since Abike had chosen a life of recluse for herself, the family had no choice but to allow Deke to go ahead with her marriage. But half-way through the plans, Banji begins to act up. Before anyone knows what’s going on, Banji takes a scandalous decision that throws everyone into confusion, especially Deke and Abike.

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