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Până la Virginia Wild

Evaluare: 2.5 din 5 stele2.5/5 (16 stele)
Lungime: 107 pagini1 oră


Reluctant women are coaxed into experimentation in these 7 short erotic stories. Inner conflicts dissolve as attraction overshadows everything as straight women fall for lesbians.
1. Walking the Dog--Though Gaye is straight, her possessive dog plays lesbian matchmaker.***
2. Mammogram--Dinah goes for Mammogram & meets a college girl. Exposure to each other’s boobs leads to a lesbian liaison.***
3. Groupies--Devon & Trista are suburban girls dedicated to rock’n’roll. Enthusiasm leads to lesbian action with the rocker’s girlfriend.***
4. Hooters Girl--Wendy gets the wrong impression of her busty neighbor.***
5. Lesbian Tampons--Ashley is convinced a new product changed her sexual orientation.***
6. Her Name is Hope--Even Courtney's straight personal trainer bets against her.***
7. Race for the Cure--The good old days when feminists and lesbians ran the show.***
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