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Chaloaw Stew (Nothing Ever Happens In Alstonville)

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Chaloaw Stew is set in the picturesque Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.
The beachside town of Byron Bay is on alert after three young girls disappear over a period of seven days. With a lack of clues of witnesses, the police investigation team, which includes team from other towns in the area, is baffled, and lacks direction.
Enter two detectives from Sydney, Rick Lorenzi, a seasoned veteran of the vice squad in Sydney and Chris Johnson, a young and attractive blonde.
Chris has developed a system of categorizing villains and profiling potential suspects and the team quickly concludes they are looking for a gang of local deviates who abduct the girls for their own sadistic pleasure
Chris is outspoken at times but she soon earns the respect and admiration of the local officers, especially young Tim McGregor.
Rick and Chris add direction and impetus to the local team and the investigation gathers momentum.
Chaloaw Stew follows the investigation and has some twists and turns, culminating in an unexpected conclusion.

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