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Fasttrack to eBook Publishing!

Fasttrack to eBook Publishing!

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Fasttrack to eBook Publishing!

113 pages
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May 28, 2015


This is a short concise package of How 2! articles which cover all you need to know to get started in eBook Publishing and to effectively market your Titles. Do you want to wade through multiple tomes of 250 pages each per topic , or simply grasp all the fundamentals in only 40 pages which is what is offered here.? These articles cut to the chase and Fastrack you into the exciting world of eBook publishing. They are based on the author's actual experience in publishing 50 eBooks on all eBook platforms..

May 28, 2015

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Fasttrack to eBook Publishing! - Paul Stevens


eBook Publishing: The # 1 Killer Marketing Secret



You know, if you read the myriad books on how to market your titles on Kindle and other platforms by and large they are all saying the same thing.

This is that you, a writer, must now become a full time marketer, spending endless hours facebooking away, websiting away, blogging away, and twittering away, all in return for what by most standards are very poor returns from self publishing.

How many of us authors have been initially very excited by the power of the Kindle self publishing platform and sites like Smashwords, which will publish your titles onto other platforms, only to experience dismal or even no sales despite months of work?

Luckily I stepped up to the plate with small expectations which are at least now being met. In fact the truth is the risk/reward ratio in e-book self publishing is very poor. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and some authors are doing very nicely. We all want to do very nicely, but the reality can be quite different.

The truth is the Kindle platform is a fantastic platform, but there are also a fantastic number of books on it. At the time of writing, 1,567,667 to be exact. Your book, which you have spent 12 months writing and is no less than 500 pages, can sit languishing in cyberspace with barely a sale unless they are from friends and family.

It pays to troll through the Kindle Community to get some useful feedback on this topic.

The message is pretty constant.  YOU HAVE TO MARKET YOUR TITLES. But how to?

How to do this, in a sensible way that doesn’t consume massive amounts of time with indifferent results?

Personally, I find the whole facebook/twitter, web site/blog scene overhyped and overvalued.

The 25/75 Rule

My whole life, which has been pretty successful even if I say so myself, has been based on a guerilla tactic. It’s called the 25/75 rule and it works time and again in just about everything you can think of.

You see that hardware store over the road there? Guess what, if you analyze their sales, you will find that 25% of their stock items accounts for 75% of their turnover.

Or, let’s take surfing. I’m only 25% as good as most of the surfers out there in the line up, yet I‘m getting 75% of the available enjoyment offered by the sport. (Here’s a shameless plug for my title Surf Warrior).

Or take my software business. I only work 25% of normal office hours yet I’m producing 75% of the results that I would actually achieve if I spent all those hours in the office.

This rule is basically the cornerstone of my life’s philosophy and it’s worked wonderfully well for me. 

It’s like a guerilla army which can be amazingly effective. Look at what Castro did with just 300 men to Batista who had an army of 10 000. And he’s still around!

So when I started off self publishing on Kindle about a year ago I was facing the same issues as everyone else.

How do I fight to get my titles read when there is so much competition?

I had to face facts. Which would be that 25% of the authors would be getting 75% of the revenue, leaving 75% of the rest of the authors scratching around in the dirt for a few paltry $$$.

In fact I knew the distribution of successful authors was just like the exponential curve reproduced below:

In this graph p (the Y axis) is the annual income earned by an author and q (the X axis) is the number of authors earning that income.

One only had to look at sales ranks to confirm that maybe only 10-20% of the titles available are being read to any significant extent.

Time Spent Marketing is Wasted Writing Time

Then I had to ask myself, what do I really want to do? Do I really want to spend all this time on what may be unproductive marketing? No, I enjoyed writing, plain and simple, and that is what I want to do. It’s a nice hobby with income maybe and writing is where I really wanted to spend any spare time I had, not on marketing.

So how to combine writing with marketing and get paid at the same time? Sort of use one’s writing output to basically promote itself?

And did I want to spend months and months writing a title only for it to languish on the e-books shelves unread? Maybe once in a while, but I would generally like to have a fairly rapid turnaround between writing and seeing it published.

On top of all this, one has to take into account the very very low prices that titles are sold at on Kindle. It’s sort of a race to the bottom price wise. The majority of titles are around $2.99 and there are plenty around $0.99. It’s pretty tough to get a decent cash flow going when you are earning a fraction of those paltry sums. You need at least to be able to enjoy the craft of writing and gain polish as you build towards a meaningful cash flow.

So where is all this leading? What am I actually going on about?

Well so far, I have produced 45 Titles for Kindle, and they are pouring out at the rate of knots. I love to write, and I can actually see myself getting better and more polished with every effort.

Initially I had produced one or two lengthy titles, then had to figure out what my marketing strategy was.

Along the way, I have had to solve a whole lot of issues. First the Formatting issues, then the Cover issue, then the Proofreading issue. I have basically solved all of these and I can now get a quality title to the Kindle platform in a few days. It’s now easy for me.

But still the marketing issue! How to sell your titles! How to bring them to potential readers’ attention amongst the mountains of competing e-books out there! 

KDP Select

Now we are all aware of the KDP Select program, in which you can have 5 days every 3 months in which you can offer your title for free so promoting it to a wider audience. The idea is that hopefully you will have a decent number of downloads for your title and depending on how interesting it is to readers these can run into hundreds in a single day, though the best I have achieved so far is 220 in a single day (Proofreading).  My next best title was Dinner Party For Eight with 180 downloads in a single day. The primary purpose of the promotion is to introduce, you, the author to as wide an audience as may be interested in your title at that time. These promotions, once over, can result in follow up sales of that title, but don’t bank on it. I really haven’t found that to be a significant source of

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