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Painting with Watercolor For Beginners: Step By Step Guide to Painting

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Painting with Watercolor For Beginners: Step By Step Guide to Painting

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Table of Contents

Section 1
Painting Landscapes with Watercolor
Color Terms
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Tertiary Colors
Saturation or Chroma
Application and Techniques
How to Use Your Brush
How to Mix your Watercolor
How to Make a Color Wheel
How to Create Color Value Chart
How to Create a Wash
Rendering the Sphere
Drawing the Outline
The MountainBarn
The Ruins
The Teton Mountains
The Cityscape
The Lake Powell Rock Mountain
Section 2
Painting Portraits with Watercolor
The Cute Little Baby Boy
The Little Girl in Red
The Lovely Couple
Painting Ginny and Harry in Watercolor
The Old Man
Section 3
Painting Animals with Watercolor
The Toucan
The Poison Dart Frog
The Rhinoceros Beetle
The Sloth
The Macaw
Section 4
Painting Horses and Dogs with Watercolor
The Mini Horse
The Bulldog
The Running Horse
The Shih Tzu
Painting the Horse in Watercolor
The Race
Author Bio


Watercolor is a good medium for Painting Landscapes and Buildings, because of its unique effects that it create to any composition of an artist compared to other media, even with simple drawing when painted with Watercolor can give everyone a different expression somewhat “Dream Like”, you can even create a masterpiece with a simple setup and even other artists enjoy doing outdoor Watercolor painting as they are inspired to paint as if they areat peace with the whole universe and there soul is commune with the Source.

I want to thank you for Picking up this eBook and you won’t regret it, as I know you are eager to Paint you’re beautiful Landscapes and Buildings, so as you read the eBook and familiarize yourself with the tools we will be using. Understand the colors, since we have to learn the basics and its nature so that we can mix different kinds of colors and in no time by just looking to an object you will know what color to use and that’s not impossible. That’s not all, you will also learn from this eBook how to use your brush properly, some essential techniques which will make your work incredible, and the exercises that I’m sure you would love it. So invest some time and dedication to learn and gain painting skill, let’s start this journey and don’t forget...“Have Fun”.

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