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Getting Organized with Google's Tools

Getting Organized with Google's Tools

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Getting Organized with Google's Tools

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57 pages
34 minutes
Jun 10, 2015


These days, it seems that our personal and professional lives are overlapping more and more. It’s difficult (and that’s an understatement!) to juggle everything – what we need to do, where we need to be, and when we need to get those things done.

There are a lot of systems and techniques and tools that claim to help you get organized and become more productive. The problem is that most of those systems are too complex. The tools don’t easily fit together. You wind up with a way of doing things that works, but which is also convoluted and difficult to maintain.

You need to keep things simple. An effective way to do just that is to use Google’s tools to help you get and stay organized.

That’s what Getting Organized with Google’s Tools is all about. Getting Organized with Google’s Tools goes beyond simply showing you how to use the tools. The book contains a number of techniques and tips that can help you streamline your efforts to become more organized and to maximize your productivity. Best of all, you can use these techniques and tips with any software or service.

Jun 10, 2015

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Getting Organized with Google's Tools - Scott Nesbitt


It's a sad fact of our personal and professional lives that we have so much to juggle. Jobs. Family. Friends. All those little (and not-so-little) things that need to be done around the home. More tasks and appointments than we can handle. It all becomes overwhelming. At least, it can if we let it.

This quote perfectly sums up my feelings about being organized:

Disorganization causes stress. Stress makes you flounder. Floundering makes you even more stressed. That makes you flounder more. It's a perfect definition of a downward spiral.

– Douglas C. Merrill, Getting Organized in the Google Era

To prevent that downward spiral, you need a simple and easy-to-maintain way to stay organized. Which is why I wrote this little book. I want to show you some tools and, more importantly, techniques to help you simply and easily get and stay organized.

Going Google

My journey to writing this book took quite a bit of time. I wasn't always the most organized person in the world. But, to paraphrase one of my favourite lines from the movie Pulp Fiction: I tried real hard to be a shepherd. Over the years, I've tried many different ways to get organized: a Day Timer (remember those?), a personal digital assistant or three, various pieces of desktop software, and numerous web-based applications.

None of them really worked for me. That's not quite true. Some of them did work, but not as well as I wanted them to or in the way that I needed them to. The bits and pieces were there, but I couldn't find (or create) a cohesive package or stitch the various pieces I had at my fingertips together into that package. 

But using Google's tools does work for me, for a variety of reasons. I'll be discussing those reasons in a few moments. 

Keep in mind that I’m not just going to be talking about the various tools that Google offers. They’re useful, but they’re only a part of the picture. I also want to share with you some techniques and some ideas about how to get and stay organized. Google’s tools are merely the peg on which to hang those techniques and ideas.

And if you decide that these tools aren’t right for you (and they might not be), you can carry the techniques and ideas that I’m going to share over to any application or tool that you choose to use.


Before continuing, I want to make it clear that I don't work for Google. I've never worked for Google, and probably never will. I have no business relationship with them. In fact, my only relationship with the company is that

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