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Do It Yourself Editing, a Guide for the eBook Author

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Do It Yourself Editing, a Guide for the eBook Author

Până la Courage Knight

Lungime: 190 pagini2 ore


On sale for a limited time for $2.99 (regularly priced at $4.99).
You finished your book! Now what?
Edit it!
You want to be recognized as a good writer. So, only publish your best work, and then, continue to improve so your best gets even better.
Do It Yourself Editing will guide you through the editing process.
Part One: Structure
First, you'll learn ways to strengthen your plot, improve your story's tempo and develop your characters more fully.
Part Two: Style
Learn once and for all what it means to "show, don't tell" and never make that amateur mistake again. You will learn the right way to use a thesaurus and how to avoid head-hopping.
Part Three: Dialog
No other part of the fiction novel seems to be as fraught with errors as writing dialog. You will learn the right way to write dialect, how to write dialog that is character specific and how to use dialog tags correctly.
Part Four: Mechanics
Here is the nitty-gritty of editing. You'll learn correct punctuation, parts of speech, common grammar gaffes and how to use your word processor's spelling / grammar program correctly.Once you have completed the exercises in this book, your finished story will be ready to share with the world.

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