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Instant Puppet 3 starter

Instant Puppet 3 starter

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Instant Puppet 3 starter

101 pages
28 minutes
Mar 26, 2013


This book is an awesome guide for understanding and developing your skills set with Puppet 3. It consists of friendly, practical tutorials, with an informative step-by-step walk through. "Instant Puppet 3 Starter" helps to simplify your life for large scale computing clusters. It is aimed at systems administrators, developers, DevOps engineers, and anyone who manages more than one computer. This is a practical and intuitive Instant Starter guide, guaranteed to improve your understanding and efficiency.
Mar 26, 2013

Despre autor

Jo Rhett is a network architect and DevOps engineer with 20 years of experience conceptualizing and delivering large-scale Internet services. He focuses on creating automation and infrastructure to accelerate deployment and minimize outages. Jo has been using, promoting, and enhancing configuration management systems for over 20 years. He builds improvements and plugins for CfEngine, Puppet, MCollective, and many other DevOps tools. Jo is the author of Learning Puppet 4, Learning MCollective, and Instant Puppet 3 Starter (Packt).

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Instant Puppet 3 starter - Jo Rhett

Table of Contents

Instant Puppet 3 Starter


About the Author


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1. Instant Puppet 3 Starter

So what is Puppet 3?

Building your starter server

Deterministic results


Step 1 – Preparing the host

Removing old versions of the software

Puppet client requirements

Puppet server requirements

Step 2 – Installing Puppet

Step 3 – Configuring the server

How Puppet authentication works

Step 4 – Starting up the server

Step 5 – Testing your first client

Quick start – Using the core Puppet resource types

Step 1 – Enabling the Puppet service

Step 2 – Managing software and services

Step 3 – Customizing one node

Step 4 – Synchronizing files and directories

Building a custom module

Class parameters

Member classes


Module files

Module templates

Referring to other resources

Setting defaults for resources

Notifying resources of changes

Controlling actions with schedules

Module philosophy

Top 5 features you need to know about

Reviewing system changes

File report store

Tagmail report processor

Puppet Dashboard

Custom report processors

Comparing and restoring files

Using environments to test changes

Testing your code

Release engineering

Running the Puppet server under Passenger

Using external data in your Puppet policy

Configuring Hiera data location

Creating Hiera data

Using Hiera data in a Puppet module

Learning more

People and places you should get to know

Official site

Community support

The Puppet Forge

Articles and tutorials

In-depth details

The Puppet language

Related projects

Instant Puppet 3 Starter

Instant Puppet 3 Starter

Copyright © 2013 Packt Publishing

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.

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Packt Publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all of the companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals. However, Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

First published: March 2013

Production Reference: 1200313

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.

Livery Place

35 Livery Street

Birmingham B3 2PB, UK.

ISBN 978-1-78216-174-5




Jo Rhett


Chris Spence

Acquisition Editor

Akram Hussain

Commissioning Editor

Yogesh Dalvi

Technical Editor

Varun Pius Rodrigues

Copy Editor

Ruta Waghmare

Project Coordinator

Sherin Padayatty


Mario Cecere

Production Coordinator

Conidon Miranda

Cover Work

Conidon Miranda

Cover Image

Conidon Miranda

About the Author

Jo Rhett is a DevOps engineer who has been using, promoting, and enhancing configuration management systems for over 20 years. He implemented package management functionality in CFEngine v2, before moving on to use Puppet daily for the last three years.


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