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Some God Use, Some Use God (Issues of Life series)

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Some God Use, Some Use God (Issues of Life series)

Lungime: 36 pagini26 minute


Some God Use, Some Use God is a compilation of a fictitious story and some real-life problematic issues that have been raised on the sad but true state of the church. A scholar described us as a republic of churches, and in our very presence, atheists are throwing dirt on our Christian faces. A painful account of part of the rot in God’s house, we need to expose and fight it.
It is one of several other books in the ISSUES OF LIFE SERIES by the same authors answering the following questions and more:
How do we discourage the vices in the house of God?
How do I know decisions to make in conflicting choices?
What do I do if my pastor is doing the wrong thing?
These and other questions have been answered in this short treatise.

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