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The Six Sales Powers to Unstoppable Selling

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The Six Sales Powers to Unstoppable Selling

Până la Duane Marino

Lungime: 274 pagini6 ore


Whether you want to make more money by closing more sales, having as many prospects as you can possibly handle and/or you want to continue honing your sales craft, then Unstoppable Selling is for you!
Get Powerful Information That Will Never Become Obsolete
“This book is easy to read, flows from chapter to chapter and will give you a time-tested resource for you to improve your career no matter how long you’ve been selling, what you sell, or where you sell it.”
—Duane Marino
Take a look at some of the incredible opportunities this book is going to immediately give you:
*Model your selling after the top salespeople in the world
*Make more money
*Sell more product
*Work less hours
*Have more appointments
*Set goals properly and reach them
*Become a better time manager
*Learn how to master body language
*Establish what great customer service really is
*Identify language patterns that can make or break your sale
*Use the same skills sales expert Duane Marino has mastered, and bring your career to entirely new levels
*...and much, much more!

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