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How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research: Writing Skills, #3

How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research: Writing Skills, #3

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How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research: Writing Skills, #3

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146 pages
55 minutes
Aug 27, 2015


Evernote® : The Free Online Service for Organizing Your Projects

If you scribble notes on the back of envelopes and napkins and then manage to forget the idea or where you put the napkin - you need Evernote. This service will organize all of your projects and ideas into online file folders, keeping them safe until the day you hit the Delete key. 

Evernote : The Key to Uncluttering Your Desktop, Your Browser and Your Brain

If you're a writer you won't believe how you survived before you started using Evernote. And I'm not only talking about people who write for a living - I'm also talking about people who write for business or school. Evernote really is the storehouse of

  • random thoughts
  • meeting notes
  • research
  • images
  • book outlines
  • project outlines
  • audio interviews
  • deadlines
  • assignments
  • collaborative notes

in other words - anything you need to remember. In fact, Evernote is so good at what it does that the company's motto is Remember Everything

Don't Risk Losing Important Writing or Research 

Back in the day it was easy to stuff pieces of paper into a filing cabinet. Chances are that once the paper was filed you rarely went back to it. Even now, you may use your computer as a filing system - exchanging metal file drawers for hard drive Folders and Sub-Folders. But even that system has its limits. That's because it relies on you remembering the names of folders and files. 

With Evernote, the entire system is graphical - that means you can click on an Evernote folder and instantly see the picture of the website, screenshot or image you saved. Which reminds me - did I mention you can also save audio and video files? And, Evernote syncs perfectly with your tablet, iPhone or Android. Evernote has such a powerful on-board search engine that all you have to do is enter a word or two and it will pull up everything you've saved that fits the search criteria. You don't have to remember anything because it remembers everything.

What You'll Learn

  • how to set up your account
  • downloading Evernote for your mobile device or desktop
  • syncing between devices
  • setting up Folders and Notes
  • the value of tagging
  • how to be an Evernote power searcher
  • setting up research notebooks
  • mobile Evernote
  • Evernote apps
  • how to collect digital content
  • how to use Skitch - the free Evernote mark-up app
  • tagging geolocations
  • how to use Evernote with the iPhone's Siri
  • free ways to store tweets, Facebook posts and more to Evernote

and bunches more.

Written for Writers But Useable by Anyone

How to Use Evernote for Writing & Research was created for writers - but the truth is, if you need to remember anything, save anything, or return to any website, Evernote is your perfect go-to assistant. That's probably why Evernote is popular with writers, artists, bloggers, podcasters, business people, students, and researchers. That includes YOU!

Aug 27, 2015

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How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research - Nancy Hendrickson


Legal Notice

The publisher and author have attempted to be as accurate as possible in the creation of this book. The content, including but not limited to: statistics, screenshots, availability of products, etc., is as accurate as possible as of the publication date. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet, some statistics, terms of service, etc., may have changed. Neither the publisher nor the author assumes any responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.  The views expressed are those of the author alone. The reader is responsible for his or her own actions.

Evernote®, the Evernote Elephant logo and REMEMBER EVERYTHING are trademarks of Evernote Corporation.

Cover design by Robin Ludwig Design Inc., http://www.gobookcoverdesign.com/

Edited by: Sherrie Dolby of Sanhedralite Editing and Publishing.

Who Am I and Why Did I Write This Book?

I’m both a self-published and traditionally published author, who maintains a fulltime writing business. I write about topics as diverse as self-publishing, writing, history, genealogy, and technology. When not writing, I’m off building WordPress websites or photographing the frontier west.

Because I work on so many different projects and for such a variety of clients, I quickly discovered the need to organize all of my research and writing in one place. As I no longer keep paper files, I needed a service that replicated the ease and organizational structure of a filing cabinet and hanging files. Evernote was that service. But in all honesty, I didn’t immediately embrace it. It took about six months of stops and starts before I realized just how big a difference Evernote made – not only in researching a book or a project, but also in the writing process.

Since creating Evernote folders for all of my current and future projects, I no longer have to search through a stack of paper to find the exact piece of information I need. And I’m not stumbling around the Internet, trying to re-find valuable sites I hadn’t bothered to bookmark.

Today, Evernote is my go-to online service for stashing ideas for blog articles, ideas for new projects, client meeting notes, marketing thoughts, web clippings, contracts, and notes about each project. Not to mention audio notes and video clips I’ve created.

Because it’s not unusual for me to come up with a new book idea while still working on a current project, Evernote gives me the luxury of keeping all of my notes in one – very organized – location. Once you start using Evernote, I doubt that you’ll ever return to paper.

In this book, I’ve done my best to introduce you to the magic of Evernote – and more importantly how you – the writer – can make it your default research and writing assistant. 

If you’re interested in writing, pop over to the Writer’s Academy and learn more about my video training courses for authors. There are more than 4,000 successful students currently enrolled in my courses. I hope you’ll join in. Email nancy@nancyhendrickson.com if you have questions or need more information:

Table Of Contents

Legal Notice

Who Am I and Why Did I Write This Book?

Table Of Contents

What is Evernote®?

Why Use Evernote?



Do You Need Free or Premium?

First Step – Set Up Your Account

Syncing Between Devices

Navigating the Home Screen

Left column




Middle column

Right column

Create a Notebook

How to Create a Notebook

Next, Create a Note

Note Sharing

Note Merging

Email a Note to Evernote

Deleting a Note

How to Add Audio Notes

How to Use Audio Notes

Ideas for Audio Notes

Create a Webcam Note

Create an Ink Note

Create an Image Note

Getting Images into Evernote

Make Your Images Searchable

Taking Photos of Notes

Skitch – How to Use This Free Markup Utility

Sharing a Notebook

Notes and Notebooks Take-Away

The Power of Tags and Reminders

Tags, Tags, Tags

Tagging a Note:

How to Use Reminders and Why Bother?

The Power of Search

Search Basics

Utilizing Search Options

Type Ahead Search Finishes Your Thought

Premium Members Gain Even More Search Power

Alert: Features You May Not Notice

Source URLs



Searching by GeoLocation

Better Browsing with the Evernote Clipper

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

Clipper Tools


Markup Tools



Why Not Just Use Bookmarks?

Grab Only What You Need

Organizing Clips

Always Accessible

Evernote Mobile

Available Across All Devices

Make It Fit Your Needs

Access Your Desktop Data

Evernote for the Traveling Writer (or Travel Writer)

Using Evernote to Plan a Research or Writing Trip

Vacation Notebook

Take Advantage of the Mobile Access

My Research Assistant

Creating Research Notebooks

A Gentle Reminder About Moving Web Clips into Notebooks

Collaborative Writing

The Elephant’s Trunk

CamScanner – Android and iPhone

Scanner Pro – Android and iPhone

cleverList – iOS 5.1 or later

SpeakToIt Assistant - Android

FastEver Snap – iOS

News360 – Android and iOS

A Perfect Marriage – Evernote And Twitter

Preparing for the Wedding

Connecting to Evernote

How the Marriage Can Help You, the Author

Using IFTTT.com Recipes for Evernote

IFTTT Basics

Why I Love This Service

Evernote - IFTTT Recipes You’ll Love

Using Evernote with Moleskine® and Post-it Notes®

Moleskine Notebooks

Post-it Notes

Evernote for Business and School (Because They Write Too)

Using Evernote in the Office

Meeting Notes and Your Calendar

Evernote and Teams

Tracking Your Progress

Evernote Goes to School


Image Capture

Web Clipper


Absolutely Nothing To Do With Writing– But It Is About Evernote For Everyone Else

Did You Like How to Use Evernote for Writing and Research?

Facebook Page

Of Course I Had to Have a P.S.

What is Evernote®?

With a floppy-eared elephant for a logo and a tagline of ‘Remember Everything,’ it’s pretty clear what Evernote is all about. In a nutshell, Evernote is about

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  • (4/5)

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    very nice and explicit book for beginners. however, I would like it to give more examples on writers' and researchers' work.

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