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Everything is Everything

Everything is Everything

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Everything is Everything

57 pages
23 minutes
Sep 4, 2015


In the process of mastering whichever discipline has compelled our interest, we train ourselves to see learning and doing simultaneously. Over the course of a lifetime we develop this sort of understanding in relation to a variety of concepts. Eventually we may discover that all endeavors bear a fundamental framework for engagement and enactment. The generalization of this insight becomes wisdom. This book of poems is an effort to illuminate such wisdom.

Sep 4, 2015

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Everything is Everything - Scott Christian


intimate proximity

stunned, she lays fetal beneath

the gentle comfort of piled blankets

and stares upward through the ceiling above her bed,

through the sky mounting heaven,

into two mingling deities:

beauty and the infinite.

in these moments movement slows

as awe and humility compound.

she will weep and pray, again,

in honor of the glories made known

by God and inquiry.

it is so much, she thinks

for combined human faculty to comprehend.

here she blinks hard and holds,

relishing pitch blackness and a deprived sense.

euphoric affection surges at the discovery

as she whispers gratitude to the collaborating cosmos.

fundamental restoration

where to and how

for making children of us again.

briefly, we ask, so not to fail as adults,

just long enough for remembering wide-eyed wonder

and enthusiasm.

at returns, engage us with your culminating spectacles, world.

free our expressions so there’s no formal rules for action.

may each impulse flow unobstructed,

beginning in earnest core, outward, till we’re reminded of profound honesty—from us and for us

from others.

we’ll do our part here, swearing not to dally in infant forms

unless that’s critical to rejuvenating spirits.

then, ironically, it’s prayers for understanding that’re kind-hearted and mature.

bless us! cries sage.

bless us! cries fool.

bless us! cries child, origin of both.

an art of purpose

dreams, you strength,

hope and pride of the seeming silent.

what volumes pursuant actions speak

about faith in toiling hands

and the capacity to become.

dreams, not without risk

do we wager endeavors in your advancement;

but, oh, what rich rewards

as one transforms before eyes (full-on amazed),

emerging altered through particular design.

dreams, we love the scent of you—

your coffee breath and hints of salty perspiration

remind of commitment that’s determined

and focus which endures even myriad impediments.

dreamers bestow on us, please, similar capacity,

so though goals vary

we’ll know by change a secret talent of humanity.

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