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The View from Room 39: A Memoir

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In April of 2000, author Arshad Chaudhry was diagnosed with an aggressive form of a rare bone marrow cancer and given four years to live. In The View from Room 39, he writes about his experience in hospital, where he spent an extended amount of time for a stem cell transplant, his second in ten years.
In a diary format beginning in October 2010, Arshad reflects on life as he rests in his hospital bed, narrating a candid account of what it’s like to journey through such an experience. He shares his thoughts on beating the odds, taking us through the challenges of his intriguing life and becoming one of the longest surviving patients with the disease. Arshad also talks about his childhood in Pakistan during a golden age and subsequent move to the UK where he made a huge contribution to the Leeds business community.
Thoughtful and moving, Arshad’s account in The View from Room 39 blends humour with poignant observation and offers insight into his battle with cancer.

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