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The New International Economic Order: An Overview

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The New International Economic Order: An Overview

Până la P. N. Agarwala

Lungime: 293 pagini


The New International Economic Order: An Overview focuses on the influence of the creation of the New International Economic Order (NIEO) on the economy of different countries.

The book first offers information on the structure of world economy, prospects, and obstacles to the NIEO. Topics include obstacles to the production and distribution of primary commodities and energy, transfer of technology, commodity trade, international finance, function of international law in the NIEO, and prospects and problems of the NIEO. The text then examines the financial, political, and institutional issues of the NIEO. Discussions focus on policies and practices of nationalization; asymmetries and dependency of developing countries in the social science subsystem; and renegotiation of third world debt and appropriate adjustments in international trade.

The manuscript takes a look at the relationship of international trade, industrialization, and the NIEO and social and cultural issues of the NIEO. Topics include women in the labor force, health and medical care, education as a step toward development, military considerations, competitiveness of natural resources, and access to raw materials and supplies. The book also reviews the positions of the United States, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East on the NIEO.

The publication is a dependable reference for readers interested in the New International Economic Order.
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