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Vaccines: New Approaches to Immunological Problems

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Vaccines: New Approaches to Immunological Problems

Evaluare: 5 din 5 stele5/5 (1} stea)
Lungime: 402 pagini


Vaccines: New Approaches to Immunological Problems presents the advances in the range of strategies and approaches for producing vaccines. The book is comprised of 20 chapters that cover the properties of different vaccines.
The coverage of the text includes vaccines for cholera, malaria, helminth, and influenza. The book also discusses topics about the key elements of modern technologies that can be applied to different vaccines, such as active immunization strategies using anti-idiotypic antibodies; passive immunoprophylaxis with human monoclonal antibodies; and immunological adjuvants and their mode of action.
The text will be of great use to scientists involved in the research and development of vaccines, such as molecular biologists, biochemists, and virologists.
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