How Snowpo the Food Loving Bear Got Adopted in London

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How Snowpo the Food Loving Bear Got Adopted in London

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Hi. I am Snowpo or you can also call me Popo or just Po.

Welcome to my first book. So nice to meet you.

This is a beautifully illustrated 15 picture story about my adventures after coming to London. Tells you how I came to be adopted by Charley.

All the narrative is in wonderful rhyming prose. Pretty clever don't you think?

Hey, I didn't write it. I got Ian Douglas to do that. I just write my general stories then I get Ian to work a bit of rhyming magic on them.

I didn't do these drawings either. Anne-Sophie took almost a year to make these. I am so proud of what she has done, although I am even better looking than this real life.

‘What made you come to London town?’

Snowpo grinned just like a clown.

‘Polar snacks are cold, a lot,

I fancied something steaming hot.’

It's true I love to eat. Most importantly, don't forget to read my second book after you have seen this one. You get to see my cool, big brother Tycoon Seal and my enemy Park Porkie Ranger. It's fun! See you again soon...write to me!
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