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Francois Boucher Drawings

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Francois Boucher Drawings

Până la Doris Ferguson

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François Boucher was an incredibly productive, making thousands of drawings (sketches and finished works) in chalk, ink, pastels, preparing drawings for engraving, designing tapestries and painting in oils. His drawing mediums included pen and ink, chalk, pastel, sanguine and trois crayons technique. Drawing best reveals the true essence of each artist and allows even the modern viewer to see his hand in act. One of the most outstanding effects about Boucher's marvelous draftsmanship is lively, economical line. Elegance, beauty and power combine with a remarkable inner force. Boucher handles details easy, he describes the essential form in just a few marks, with just enough tone used to suggest the form and the features conveyed accurately but powerfully. At the same tame in Boucher's drawing the observer will notice that the energetic line-making describes a solidly understood form and precisely observed detail. The learner of drawing will have much to get from this book.
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