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Understanding the Seven Churches of Revelation

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Join Dr. Jonathan Welton as he takes you back in time to the seven churches of ancient Asia Minor (modern Turkey). The Apostle John wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ to seven literal churches and gave them a magnificent picture of the new covenant world replacing the old covenant world.

In his warm and casual style, Jonathan takes you inside the first century churches and reveals their themes

· Ephesus: Revival City

· Smyrna: The Persecuted Church

· Pergamum: Roman Capital

· Thyatira: The Trade Guilds

· Sardis: Thief in the Night

· Philadelphia: Earthquake Town

· Laodicea: Vomitville

In these seven letters, Jesus declared amazing and mysterious things to the original readers; modern readers have overlooked many of these insights. This book, without being confusing or complex, will take you deep into the truths hidden in these letters.

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