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Plan D and Other Pop Tales

Plan D and Other Pop Tales

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Plan D and Other Pop Tales

49 pages
33 minutes
Jan 2, 2016


These six diverse stories capture the spirit of classic chart hits such as Hello Goodbye (Beatles) and Wake Up, Little Susie (Everly Brothers). As you read, notice the reflections of the lyrics.

Jan 2, 2016

Despre autor

I retired (early) and started a new career as a writer. I wrote short stories and articles. Some were published; some won prizes; some sank without trace.Having heard my stories, two friends suggested I should write for children. I’d never thought of that, although I’d spent my first career communicating with young people – as a Chemistry teacher, and running clubs for badminton, chess, table tennis and hillwalking.I tried writing for young people – and I loved it. It became my main occupation. I sent samples to publishers. One asked to see a complete story. In excitement, I sent it off. Then nothing. After four months, I rang, and was told the manuscript was being considered: I would be notified. Then more nothing. Now, after eight years, I no longer rush to the door when the letter box rattles.But I kept writing the stories because I enjoyed it so much. Until, in late 2013, I learned I could publish my stories and games as e-books. Since then, I’ve been polishing and issuing some of them. I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.Check out the series:C: Charades – party game – a new twist to the traditional game.D: Diagags – party game – gags written as plays for two people.M: My Story – novels – classical stories, told by the heroes.O: One-Offs – party game – guess the titles, not quite the classical ones.P: Pop Tales – short stories – inspired by 60s and 70s hit songs.Q: Quote-Outs – word games – can you deduce the missing words?S: Inside Story – novels – a boy’s adventures inside classical stories.T: Troubleshooters – novels – space adventures for young people.

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Plan D and Other Pop Tales - Dr E J Yeaman



and Other Pop Tales

Published by EJY at Smashwords

Copyright 2016 Dr E J Yeaman

All characters in this publication are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This e-book may not be resold, or given away, to other people. If you would like to share this e-book with other people, please buy additional copies. If you did not buy this e-book, or it was not bought for you, then please go to Smashwords.com and buy your own copy. Thank you for respecting the work of this author.




Wake Up, Little Susie (The Everly Brothers, 1957)


I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You (The Bee Gees, 1968)


Living Doll (Cliff Richard, 1959)


Ma Baker (Boney M, 1977)


Hello Goodbye (The Beatles, 1967)


My Way (Frank Sinatra, 1969)



These stories were inspired by British and American chart hits from 1957-1977. They portray a wide variety of characters and situations, but each tries to capture the spirit of its song, partly by reflecting the lyrics. You’ll therefore appreciate the story best by listening to the song before or during the reading.

These stories were designed for fifteen-minute radio slots, with extracts from the songs inserted at the beginning, the marked places and the end. If any radio station wishes to use a story, please contact me at ejy@wafaida.demon.co.uk. I can suggest how to integrate the story and the song.


On Monday morning, I meet Susie on the corner and walk her to school as usual.

I ask her, Everything cool on Saturday night?

She grabs my hand. Don! Mom and Pop came home! Before me!

Susie! They found out?

No! Don’t sweat it. When they got to Gramma’s, she was fine, so they drove back home. They crept in at two o’clock. Mom said she hoped they didn’t disturb me. I told her they didn’t.

That was the truth! And you didn’t disturb them?

No. I knew they were home ’cause Pop’s auto was in the drive. The house lights were out so I snuck in – very, very quietly.

Done, Susie! So Plan A is still go?


Susie, I hope we don’t have to use Plan D.

Cool it, Don. We’ll use it if we have to. What else can we do? But Plan A will hold. You’ll see. She squeezes my hand.

I’m not sure. If Zack opens his big mouth….

Quiet, honey. He’s standing at the school gates.

Leering at us. D’you think he… suspects?

"No. Just

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